About Us

Gardening. It's the practice of growing and cultivating plants, and looking after them. That's why Joachim Heuvinck and Gaetan Geerkens came up with the idea to create a creative agency called Wondergarden back in 2008. Because taking care of products is in our nature. Their idea was given shape during a coffee break in the quiet green Kemps. The natural environment alongside with it's serenity inspired them to use “Gardening” as a central theme.

Today, this unique agency is rooted in creativity, media, music, online, PR and so on. Wondergarden blends these strong elements into successful campaigns. This organic mix is referred to as “Wonderology”.

Seven years later Wondergarden has made a statement in advertising by blending the right components into different gardening mixes! This all with creative ideas and the right amount of Rock'n'Roll. Our gardeners will do whatever it takes to help our clients with their products. We want to know which blend fits your brand!

Let’s grow magic!

Give Wondergarden a call at +32-15 27 60 35!
or send us your requests @ discover@wondergarden.be