About Us

Shipyard Lowyck is the result of a merger of two shipyards - Ships carpentry "Lowyck & Zn" and luxury yacht yard "North Sea Marine".

Formally, the ships carpentry Lowyck & Zn was established in 1962 by the experienced master carpenter Alphonse Lowyck, and was particularly known for its top quality naval and fishery shipbuilding along the Belgian coast.

From the 80's on to halfway through the 90's, a lot of Belgian shipbuilding activities have disappeared due to the bad economical situation. Lowyck has managed to survive this period due to diversification of the activities towards both the yachting and the traditional shipbuilding niche.

Starting his distribution activities in 1978, founder Jean Colin became the pioneer of Grand Banks® business in Europe with North Sea Marine. Halfway through the eighties, his son in law Luc Colpin joins the company and quickly show his affection for the yachting business.

In 2002 Luc Colpin decides to search a successor for his shipyard activities.

Both shipyards are located at Ostend's fishery harbour and have been merged into Shipyard Lowyck, a debt free company with a healthy balance of larger and smaller projects in its order book.

Since both Shipyard Lowyck and North Sea Marine have been cooperating since a number of years, an acquisition of the shipyard activities by Shipyard Lowyck was a logical next step. The consolidation of both organisations into one company leads to full service capabilities towards the yachting world.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence