About Us

Monizze provides robust, simple and secured e-voucher solutions to its target market.

Monizze is ready with its operational system that provides to Belgian companies probably the best solution at the best price for electronic meal voucher, thanks to a unique combination of technologies from:

* Payfair - that provides EMV (Europay Master-Card Visa) payment scheme available on existing terminals (in Belgium);

*Tunz (now Ogone / Ingenico) - one of the most innovating company in Belgium, under the CBFA (Now National Bank of Belgium) regulation, providing Transaction processing solutions to its clients.

Monizze focuses at providing the best solutions to its clients that avoid cost, hassle and pollution of physical distribution of paper vouchers, allowing new innovative initiatives striving towards operational efficiency and employee satisfaction, for example by making sure employees do not loose their dear and due "monies" when paper voucher is out dated, lost or stolen.

Monizze proposes also City Gift cards in Belgium that help Cities boost tourism in their region and support merchants by channeling consumers to their cities.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence