About Us

The legendary organic food store / diner ‘Lombardia’ was founded in 1972 in Antwerp.
But we are growing into much more than 'just' that.

We take great pride in catering high quality, organic, veggie&vegan and glutenfree services to the customers at Lombardia and to international stars with the same dietary requirements when they happen to visit Belgium on business or tours. I’m very blessed to have Moby, Sting, William J. Dafoe, Ed Templeton and others as happy customers.

>> Our main product is GingerLove, a vegan HOT drink for everyone to enjoy. Read more about it on http://www.gingerlove.be

>> But there is a lot more unique yummie foodness at Lombardia

>> We are a family owned business. At Lombardia, we are all passionate about quality, flavour and LOVE!

>> We are avid partners of Tomorrowland with Lombardia and GingerLove catering services.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence