About Us

Euromobile® is operator for Outdoor Advertising since 1989 and is active in more than 10 countries.

Euromobile® is the leading provider of professional moving billboards in Europe with clients like Nestle, L’oreal, Mercedes, H&M, Unilever, Philips.

Euromobile® has a fleet of over 180 new vehicles in 18 different versions, including standardized billboard measurements. Euromobile® has also a "green” fleet, with vehicles that use a biofuel and electric vehicles.

Euromobile® is a medium that can be used for "below the line 'and' above the line" campaigns. Below the line it can be combined with field marketing activities, including sampling.

Above the line and massive campaigns, Euromobile® has full flexible networks based on targetgroup and reach. Euromobile® has a patented 2m2-vehicle (type Euro360 ©), ideal to complemete or replace existing static outdoor networks (such as CBS, JCD, Clear Channel).

A 3-day Euromobile® moving billboard campaign can be compared to a static billboard campaign of 1 week in the same circuit. Day 1 is used for visibility, day 2 for recognition and day 3 for memorization.

For the advertiser this means not only the right target audience, but moreover memorisation of the message.

The Euromobile® methodology is cost effective and achieves memorisationvalues of 35%. This is the outcome of independent market studies of Marketing Unit Inra and GfK.

Euromobile® right time, right place!

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