About Us

The AmatsiSEPS group consists of two affiliated pharmaceutical companies owned by Amatsigroup. The group provides advanced drug product development services to the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Europe and Japan. AmatsiSEPS is dedicated to formulation and analytical development of innovative drug delivery systems serving solutions to enhance bioavailability and control drug release of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals. AmatsiSEPS Clinical Trial Manufacturing is focusing on GMP manufacturing clinical phase I and II, QC related activities and ICH stability studies.

Both companies offer a full suite of drug development services encompassing preclinical development, preformulation development, formulation development, analytical development, dosage form development, scaling-up and clinical trial manufacturing of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals.

The group is highly experienced in innovative formulation technologies such as specialized liquid formulations for poorly water soluble drug candidates, nanosuspensions/nanoformulations, solid dispersions and self (micro)-emulsifying drug delivery systems, both within preclinical and clinical development. In addition, newly developed approaches for analytical method development and stability evaluation are applied in order to decrease the development time and costs.

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26-100 employees


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